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A very warm welcome to Salutary Reflexology. I hope you enjoy reading through, my name is Kerryann Hutchinson-Smith and I’m a qualified clinical Reflexologist and owner of Salutary Reflexology. I’m a member of Professional Reflexology (PR) and Association of reflexology (AOR), whom are both respected independent professional bodies for reflexology who provide support for their members and give the general public clear and up to date information.

I have been in the healthcare profession for a number of years working for the NHS and Derbyshire county council supporting people in maintaining their physical and emotional well- being. Working in the healthcare profession led me to the study of the complimentary therapy Reflexology due to hearing peoples benefits when having treatments.

I studied at Jubilee College, which is the largest and most progressive independent reflexology college in the UK.

Kerryann Hutchinson-Smith


Centralia Reflexology Mastership (Incorporating Agored Cymru units at level 5). The course is the highest level you can train in to become a reflexologist and is recognised across the UK.  The course elements were:

–  Anatomy
–  Physiology and pathology
–  Practical foot and hand reflexology
–  Enhancing fertility and Maternity
–  Cancer and Palliative care

 I have also attended the following courses;

–  CPD Reflexology Lymphatic drainage
–  CPD Finger free reflexology
–  CPD Indian head massage
–  CPD Aromatherapy for the feet
–  CPD Foot tapping

I’m passionate about providing a professional Reflexology service giving a quality of care to promote well-being and helping others to help themselves in achieving this.

Reflexology is a none invasive holistic therapy which works on the principle that there are reflex points within the hands and feet which correspond to all organs, glands, and parts of the body.

Stimulating these reflexes with the fingers and thumbs on the extremities can lead to the bodies homeostasis, or balance, bringing out your inner well-being.

Doctors agreed that 75% of disease is caused by stress and nervous tension, Reflexology is a great way to relax making this therapy a safe and natural way to help our bodies regain that sense of well-being. Reflexology can aid in reducing everyday stresses and strains, improve circulation thereby revitalising energy levels. It can also be used to aid the restoration and maintenance of the body’s natural equilibrium, encouraging natural feelings of well-being.

Reflexology treatments can be given to most from newborns to the elderly male and female, even women who are pregnant. People with Ticklish feet can also enjoy the potential benefits of reflexology, I also offer hand reflexology which is just as effective.

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Evidence suggests that forms of reflexology therapy where used in ancient Egypt, India, Japan and China. The oldest historical evidence comes from a tomb in Egypt Saqqara, the hieroglyphic has been dated as far back at 2330 BC which shows reflexology treatment being used.

I first had a session with Kerryann last year and now see her once a month to keep my wellbeing ‘in check’. I would highly recommend Kerryann for her professional, relaxing and friendly service. After a session, I feel relaxed and energised.

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Salutary Reflexology Treatment Chesterfield Accreditations PNG 002