Foot Aromatherapy Treatments at Salutary Reflexology in Chesterfield

Foot Aromatherapy Treatments with Salutary Reflexology is a Chesterfield based Reflexologist. Highly experienced and qualified Kerryann offers professional reflexology treatments from her clinic based in Newbold, Chesterfield.

I believe your environment is just as important as your treatments to give you the ultimate in relaxation.

I have designed my treatment room to suit your every need in bringing out your well-being stimulating four of your sensors to aid you in relaxing and unwinding from your everyday stresses when having the soothing therapy of reflexology.

For those that are unable to come to my treatment room, I do offer a Mobile service.

I will do your treatments in the comfort of your own home where ever you feel comfortable and that is suitable bringing my mobile equipment with me.

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Facial Reflexology

The reflexology service to help you in bringing out your inner well-being!

Facial reflexology works on the same principle as foot and hand reflexology, it aims to help your entire body function at its optimal level.  I use massage relaxing techniques and relaxed finger thumb pressure to stimulate reflex areas on the face to bring out your feelings of well-being and leaving your skin looking radiant.

How can facial reflexology help?

Facial reflexology treatment is used to support you to relieve stress, tension and emotions that are held in the face that is brought about with your everyday stresses and strains.  It can support you with migraines, headaches, bells palsy, sinus congestion, sleep problems, anxiety and bruxism (teeth grinding). Facial reflexology not only provides well-being benefits but with the added benefits of leaving your skin looking youthful, refreshed, glowing and revitalised.

Your Treatment

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Your treatment

I will go through a thorough consultation to establish your physical and emotional well-being support to provide you with a suitable treatment.  Using massage techniques on the upper arms, shoulders, upper back, and neck to alleviate any tension built up in these areas.  I will then proceed to use gentle massage techniques to the face and reflex areas to bring out the optimum within your well-being.

Treatments are done within a relaxed and calming environment within my treatment room, alternatively if you are unable to attend where I am based, I offer home visits within the comfort of your own space that is suitable, in chesterfield and surrounding areas within a 5-mile radius.

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The Chair

My training

I trained with award-winning Ziggie Bergman at the London School of Reflexology, Regent’s University. This way of treatment was developed over 20 years ago and based on William Fitzgerald’s theory of Zone Therapy and also Native American techniques and Asian Body mapping. I am fully insured to deliver this facial reflexology treatment.


Please be aware: If you have had any Facial Botox or Facial fillers you cannot be treated for three weeks after having them.  If you have had any facial surgery you cannot be treated for three months after the surgery, or six months after surgery if you have had any complications. If you have Thrombosis, cellulitis or recent flare up, imminent medical tests or procedures, skin or scalp infections, recent head and neck injury, recent surgery, server bruising within the treatment area, epilepsy or under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.   If this isn’t the treatment for you, I will seek advice and suggest a relevant referral for your well-being.

How do these Essential oils work?

Aromatic oils or Essential oils are most effective through absorption of the skin and inhalation when used within treatments.

The tiny aromatic molecules are absorbed through the pores of the skin where it enters into the bloodstream taking the properties of the oils into organs and areas of the body.

Inhalation of the aromatic molecules, when used within the treatments, triggers the olfactory nerve which activates parts of the brain through receptor sites, one of which is the Limbic system that is responsible for our emotions and memories.  Inhalation of the Essential oils can have effects on our psychological well-being.


On your first treatment, I will conduct a consultation which usually takes around 10- 15 minutes, this helping me to establish what your main reason is for the reflexology treatment and if any why this isn’t appropriate for you.

If this isn’t the treatment for you I will seek advice and suggest a relevant referral for your well-being.

When the consultation is finished I will tailor your treatment stimulating four of your sensors to suit your well-being needs, All you need to do is take off your shoes, socks and sit back and relax and the treatment will begin.

Throughout the treatment, I use relaxation techniques and adjusted pressure finger and thumb techniques on the reflexes that will suit your needs.

Amazing! Kerryann is a truly talented reflexologist who has helped me feel positive through stressful times in my life. Every treatment has left me feeling like I am walking on air

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Salutary Reflexology Treatment Chesterfield Accreditations PNG 002
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